On April 8th, 2024, North America will see a total solar eclipse. Find your spot to witness this rare spectacle.

is in the path of totality

This state is in totality from 1:27:28p to 1:49:54p. Partial eclipse begins at 12:09p.
Max Tot. Duration4m 26s
Avg. Clouds37%
Avg. Sun Position67°
74 Communities
Commerce, TX
4m 11sat 1:42p1 Event0 Parks
Fredericksburg, TX
4m 23sat 1:32p8 Events5 Parks
Dripping Springs, TX
2m 49sat 1:34p2 Events0 Parks
Vanderpool, TX
4m 25sat 1:30p0 Events1 Park
Moody, TX
4m 7sat 1:37p0 Events1 Park
Lampasas, TX
4m 18sat 1:35p3 Events0 Parks
Grand Praire, TX
3m 36sat 1:40p3 Events0 Parks
Harper, TX
4m 21sat 1:32p2 Events0 Parks
Arlington, TX
3m 22sat 1:40p1 Event0 Parks
Atlanta, TX
0m 4sat 1:47p0 Events1 Park
Rocksprings, TX
3m 22sat 1:30p1 Event1 Park
Meridian, TX
4m 5sat 1:37p1 Event1 Park
Marble Falls, TX
4m 12sat 1:34p1 Event0 Parks
Del Rio, TX
3m 27sat 1:28p12 Events3 Parks
Eustace, TX
3m 53sat 1:41p0 Events1 Park
Bonham, TX
2m 56sat 1:43p0 Events1 Park
Pipe Creek, TX
3m 49sat 1:32p0 Events1 Park
Gatesville, TX
4m 23sat 1:36p5 Events0 Parks
Wimberley, TX
1m 48sat 1:35p2 Events0 Parks
Greenville, TX
4m 10sat 1:42p9 Events0 Parks
Sulphur Springs, TX
4m 20sat 1:42p3 Events2 Parks
Uvalde County, TX
4m 21sat 1:29p1 Event0 Parks
Mineola, TX
3m 40sat 1:42p1 Event0 Parks
Bracketville, TX
4m 11sat 1:41p1 Event1 Park
Bend, TX
4m 13sat 1:35p0 Events1 Park
Winnsboro, TX
3m 58sat 1:43p1 Event0 Parks
Glen Rose, TX
3m 12sat 1:38p1 Event1 Park
San Antonio, TX
1m 49sat 1:33p0 Events1 Park
Delta County, TX
4m 18sat 1:43p1 Event3 Parks
Texarkana, TX
2m 43sat 1:46p2 Events0 Parks
Temple, TX
3m 53sat 1:37p5 Events0 Parks
Kerrville, TX
4m 24sat 1:32p5 Events0 Parks
Buchanan Dam, TX
4m 24sat 1:34p1 Event0 Parks
Waco, TX
4m 13sat 1:37p12 Events0 Parks
Johnson City, TX
3m 57sat 1:33p1 Event1 Park
Mesquite, TX
4m 10sat 1:40p6 Events0 Parks
Wills Point, TX
4m 19sat 1:41p1 Event1 Park
Cedar Hill, TX
3m 58sat 1:40p2 Events1 Park
The Colony, TX
2m 37sat 1:41p3 Events5 Parks
Corsicana, TX
4m 6sat 1:40p4 Events3 Parks
Canton, TX
4m 5sat 1:41p1 Event0 Parks
Spring Branch, TX
2m 55sat 1:33p0 Events2 Parks
Burnet, TX
4m 19sat 1:34p5 Events2 Parks
Belton, TX
3m 52sat 1:36p2 Events0 Parks
Mexia, TX
3m 17sat 1:39p0 Events1 Park
Dallas, TX
3m 52sat 1:40p5 Events0 Parks
Eagle Pass, TX
4m 22sat 1:27p0 Events2 Parks
Plano, TX
3m 16sat 1:41p2 Events2 Parks
Hillsboro, TX
4m 22sat 1:38p12 Events0 Parks
Tow, TX
4m 23sat 1:34p1 Event0 Parks
Whitney, TX
4m 20sat 1:38p0 Events1 Park
Terrell, TX
4m 20sat 1:41p1 Event4 Parks
Copperas Cove, TX
4m 21sat 1:36p2 Events0 Parks
Georgetown, TX
3m 26sat 1:36p2 Events0 Parks
Cleburne, TX
3m 36sat 1:39p0 Events1 Park
Aquilla, TX
4m 23sat 1:38p1 Event0 Parks
Austin, TX
2m 7sat 1:36p4 Events0 Parks
Mansfield, TX
3m 45sat 1:39p2 Events0 Parks
Ennis, TX
4m 22sat 1:40p4 Events0 Parks
Granbury, TX
2m 14sat 1:39p4 Events2 Parks
Junction, TX
3m 8sat 1:32p1 Event1 Park
Real County, TX
4m 17sat 1:30p1 Event0 Parks
Ingram, TX
4m 25sat 1:32p2 Events0 Parks
Blanco, TX
3m 46sat 1:34p0 Events1 Park
Tyler, TX
1m 49sat 1:43p4 Events3 Parks
Pittsburg, TX
3m 32sat 1:44p0 Events1 Park
Killeen, TX
4m 14sat 1:36p3 Events0 Parks
Daingerfield, TX
3m 0sat 1:44p0 Events1 Park
Boerne, TX
3m 34sat 1:32p2 Events0 Parks
Paris, TX
4m 1sat 1:44p4 Events0 Parks
Fort Worth, TX
2m 24sat 1:40p1 Event0 Parks
Frisco, TX
2m 37sat 1:41p1 Event0 Parks
Bandera County, TX
4m 12sat 1:31p4 Events1 Park
Concan, TX
4m 24sat 1:30p0 Events1 Park
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