was in the path of totality

This state was in totality from 3:08:07p to 3:19:38p. Partial eclipse begins at 1:51p.
Max Tot. Duration3m 58s
Avg. Clouds64%
Avg. Sun Position51°
61 Communities
Mt Gilead, OH
3m 6sat 3:11p1 Event1 Park
Peninsula, OH
3m 20sat 3:14p0 Events1 Park
Lakeside, OH
3m 35sat 3:12p1 Event1 Park
Darke County, OH
3m 57sat 3:08p11 Events0 Parks
Shelby County, OH
3m 55sat 3:09p5 Events0 Parks
Lakeview, OH
3m 55sat 3:09p0 Events1 Park
Oregon, OH
2m 4sat 3:12p1 Event1 Park
Newbury Township, OH
3m 30sat 3:14p0 Events1 Park
Delaware, OH
2m 35sat 3:11p0 Events1 Park
Fremont, OH
3m 39sat 3:11p1 Event0 Parks
Kenton, OH
3m 54sat 3:10p1 Event0 Parks
Cortland, OH
2m 16sat 3:15p0 Events1 Park
Geauga County, OH
3m 28sat 3:14p1 Event0 Parks
Wakeman, OH
3m 52sat 3:12p1 Event0 Parks
Kent, OH
2m 46sat 3:14p5 Events0 Parks
Mount Vernon, OH
1m 15sat 3:13p0 Events1 Park
Port Clinton, OH
3m 29sat 3:12p2 Events1 Park
Aurora, OH
3m 17sat 3:14p0 Events1 Park
Andover, OH
3m 7sat 3:15p0 Events1 Park
Wapakoneta, OH
3m 56sat 3:09p4 Events0 Parks
Charlestown, OH
2m 23sat 3:15p0 Events1 Park
Butler County, OH
2m 0sat 3:08p3 Events0 Parks
Loudonville, OH
2m 15sat 3:13p0 Events1 Park
College Corner, OH
3m 11sat 3:08p1 Event1 Park
McClure, OH
2m 24sat 3:11p0 Events1 Park
Dayton, OH
2m 42sat 3:09p1 Event1 Park
Springfield, OH
2m 33sat 3:10p1 Event1 Park
Garrettsville, OH
2m 49sat 3:14p1 Event2 Parks
Defiance, OH
1m 40sat 3:10p0 Events1 Park
St Marys, OH
3m 54sat 3:09p0 Events1 Park
Willoughby, OH
3m 48sat 3:14p3 Events0 Parks
Kelleys Island, OH
3m 31sat 3:12p0 Events1 Park
Bellefontaine, OH
3m 43sat 3:10p1 Event0 Parks
Yellow Springs, OH
2m 8sat 3:10p0 Events1 Park
Cleveland, OH
3m 48sat 3:13p10 Events3 Parks
Hartville, OH
1m 36sat 3:15p0 Events1 Park
Ottawa, OH
3m 6sat 3:12p1 Event0 Parks
Mansfield, OH
3m 16sat 3:12p13 Events1 Park
Perrysburg, OH
2m 12sat 3:11p1 Event0 Parks
Conover, OH
3m 35sat 3:09p0 Events1 Park
Akron, OH
2m 47sat 3:14p0 Events1 Park
Mentor, OH
3m 48sat 3:14p0 Events1 Park
Lima, OH
3m 50sat 3:09p1 Event1 Park
Oak Harbor, OH
3m 16sat 3:12p0 Events1 Park
Lake Milton, OH
1m 20sat 3:15p0 Events1 Park
Findlay, OH
3m 44sat 3:10p1 Event0 Parks
West Liberty, OH
3m 31sat 3:10p2 Events0 Parks
Sandusky, OH
3m 42sat 3:11p2 Events0 Parks
Minster, OH
3m 58sat 3:09p0 Events1 Park
Hardin County, OH
3m 56sat 3:10p3 Events0 Parks
Oxford, OH
2m 51sat 3:08p10 Events0 Parks
Lake County, OH
3m 48sat 3:14p21 Events0 Parks
Put-In-Bay, OH
3m 17sat 3:12p0 Events2 Parks
Lorain County, OH
3m 49sat 3:12p1 Event0 Parks
Galena, OH
1m 23sat 3:12p0 Events1 Park
Wooster, OH
2m 23sat 3:13p1 Event0 Parks
Marion, OH
3m 33sat 3:11p0 Events1 Park
Wellington, OH
3m 45sat 3:12p0 Events1 Park
Miami County, OH
3m 37sat 3:09p15 Events1 Park
Huron, OH
3m 51sat 3:12p1 Event0 Parks
Van Buren, OH
3m 35sat 3:10p0 Events1 Park
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