On April 8th, 2024, North America will see a total solar eclipse. Find your spot to witness this rare spectacle.

New York
is in the path of totality

This state is in totality from 3:16:54p to 3:29:27p. Partial eclipse begins at 2:02p.
Max Tot. Duration3m 47s
Avg. Clouds66%
Avg. Sun Position42°
64 Communities
Wilson, NY
3m 16sat 3:18p0 Events1 Park
Genesee County, NY
3m 42sat 3:19p10 Events1 Park
Syracuse, NY
1m 14sat 3:23p1 Event1 Park
Plattsburgh, NY
3m 33sat 3:25p0 Events3 Parks
Colton, NY
3m 36sat 3:24p0 Events1 Park
Morristown, NY
2m 49sat 3:23p0 Events1 Park
Schuyler Falls, NY
3m 33sat 3:25p0 Events1 Park
Irving, NY
3m 41sat 3:17p0 Events1 Park
Hammond, NY
3m 10sat 3:23p0 Events1 Park
Boonville, NY
2m 18sat 3:23p0 Events1 Park
Buffalo, NY
3m 45sat 3:18p2 Events2 Parks
Fulton, NY
3m 10sat 3:21p1 Event2 Parks
Clayton, NY
3m 20sat 3:22p0 Events2 Parks
Verona Beach, NY
1m 20sat 3:23p0 Events1 Park
St. Lawrence County, NY
3m 19sat 3:23p2 Events1 Park
Three Mile Bay, NY
3m 30sat 3:22p0 Events1 Park
Saranac Lake, NY
3m 28sat 3:24p1 Event0 Parks
Waddington, NY
2m 18sat 3:24p0 Events1 Park
Greece, NY
3m 42sat 3:20p0 Events1 Park
Wolcott, NY
3m 17sat 3:21p0 Events1 Park
Henderson, NY
3m 39sat 3:22p0 Events3 Parks
Pulaski, NY
3m 26sat 3:22p0 Events2 Parks
Niagara Falls, NY
3m 29sat 3:18p1 Event5 Parks
Fineview, NY
3m 17sat 3:22p0 Events2 Parks
Waterport, NY
3m 36sat 3:19p0 Events1 Park
Tupper Lake, NY
3m 30sat 3:24p2 Events0 Parks
Barker, NY
3m 26sat 3:19p0 Events1 Park
Livingston County, NY
2m 58sat 3:20p16 Events0 Parks
Wellesley Island, NY
3m 13sat 3:22p0 Events1 Park
Sackets Harbor, NY
3m 38sat 3:22p1 Event0 Parks
Cape Vincent, NY
3m 23sat 3:22p0 Events1 Park
Blasdell, NY
3m 44sat 3:18p0 Events1 Park
Java, NY
3m 23sat 3:19p1 Event0 Parks
Brocton, NY
3m 40sat 3:17p0 Events1 Park
Caledonia, NY
3m 33sat 3:19p1 Event0 Parks
Lake Placid, NY
3m 21sat 3:25p2 Events0 Parks
Springwater, NY
2m 19sat 3:20p0 Events1 Park
Rome, NY
1m 2sat 3:24p0 Events1 Park
Rochester, NY
3m 40sat 3:20p9 Events0 Parks
Redwood, NY
3m 23sat 3:22p0 Events1 Park
Seneca Falls, NY
2m 9sat 3:21p0 Events1 Park
Romulus, NY
0m 22sat 3:22p0 Events1 Park
Watertown, NY
3m 38sat 3:22p1 Event0 Parks
East Aurora, NY
3m 40sat 3:18p0 Events1 Park
Salamanca, NY
2m 13sat 3:18p0 Events1 Park
Castile, NY
3m 0sat 3:19p0 Events2 Parks
Fair Haven, NY
3m 24sat 3:21p0 Events1 Park
Mexico, NY
3m 17sat 3:22p0 Events1 Park
Ogdensburg, NY
2m 34sat 3:23p0 Events3 Parks
Westfield, NY
3m 39sat 3:17p0 Events1 Park
Dansville, NY
2m 8sat 3:20p0 Events1 Park
Sodus, NY
3m 29sat 3:20p0 Events1 Park
Youngstown, NY
3m 13sat 3:18p0 Events3 Parks
Hamlin, NY
3m 41sat 3:19p0 Events1 Park
Sterling, NY
3m 23sat 3:21p1 Event0 Parks
Bemus Point, NY
3m 14sat 3:17p0 Events2 Parks
Darien Center, NY
3m 42sat 3:19p0 Events1 Park
Lowville, NY
3m 24sat 3:23p0 Events1 Park
Lily Dale, NY
3m 33sat 3:17p1 Event0 Parks
Alexandria, NY
3m 14sat 3:22p0 Events3 Parks
Lewiston, NY
3m 23sat 3:18p0 Events1 Park
Grand Island, NY
3m 39sat 3:18p0 Events2 Parks
Geneva, NY
2m 17sat 3:21p1 Event2 Parks
Fishers Landing, NY
3m 18sat 3:22p0 Events1 Park
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