was in the path of totality

This state was in totality from 2:01:24p to 3:12:26p. Partial eclipse begins at 12:44p.
Max Tot. Duration4m 5s
Avg. Clouds61%
Avg. Sun Position55°
62 Communities
Mt Etna, IN
0m 58sat 3:09p0 Events1 Park
Fountain City, IN
3m 56sat 3:07p4 Events0 Parks
Ferdinand, IN
2m 17sat 3:04p1 Event0 Parks
Marshall, IN
1m 22sat 3:05p0 Events1 Park
Indianapolis, IN
3m 49sat 3:06p5 Events1 Park
Brown County, IN
3m 55sat 3:05p8 Events0 Parks
Carmel, IN
3m 28sat 3:06p2 Events0 Parks
Huntingburg, IN
2m 54sat 3:03p3 Events0 Parks
Henry County, IN
3m 59sat 3:07p5 Events1 Park
Waveland, IN
1m 49sat 3:05p0 Events1 Park
Muncie, IN
3m 46sat 3:07p1 Event0 Parks
Hamilton County, IN
3m 19sat 3:06p7 Events0 Parks
Shelby County, IN
3m 59sat 3:06p12 Events1 Park
Hendricks County, IN
3m 30sat 3:05p9 Events0 Parks
Bloomington, IN
4m 2sat 3:04p9 Events7 Parks
Bristow, IN
0m 37sat 2:05p1 Event0 Parks
Franklin County, IN
3m 7sat 3:07p15 Events1 Park
Rockville, IN
1m 55sat 3:05p0 Events1 Park
Ripley County, IN
2m 8sat 3:07p1 Event0 Parks
Daviess County, IN
3m 56sat 3:03p11 Events0 Parks
Campbellsburg, IN
2m 43sat 3:05p0 Events1 Park
Lawrence County, IN
3m 40sat 3:04p1 Event0 Parks
Linton, IN
4m 1sat 3:03p1 Event0 Parks
Centerville, IN
3m 52sat 3:07p1 Event0 Parks
Morgan County, IN
3m 58sat 3:05p2 Events0 Parks
Richmond, IN
3m 48sat 3:07p4 Events0 Parks
Scottsburg, IN
0m 53sat 3:07p0 Events1 Park
Connersville, IN
3m 44sat 3:07p1 Event0 Parks
Birdseye, IN
2m 16sat 3:04p0 Events1 Park
Randolph County, IN
3m 58sat 3:08p11 Events0 Parks
Carbon, IN
3m 4sat 3:04p0 Events1 Park
Lincoln City, IN
2m 8sat 2:04p0 Events1 Park
Gibson County, IN
3m 50sat 2:02p1 Event0 Parks
Newburgh, IN
2m 30sat 2:03p1 Event0 Parks
Franklin, IN
4m 1sat 3:05p26 Events0 Parks
Findlay, IN
4m 0sat 3:05p7 Events0 Parks
Jay County, IN
3m 40sat 3:08p1 Event0 Parks
Lyons, IN
4m 3sat 3:03p1 Event0 Parks
Heltonville, IN
3m 42sat 3:05p0 Events1 Park
Liberty, IN
3m 31sat 3:07p0 Events2 Parks
Anderson, IN
3m 40sat 3:07p0 Events1 Park
Knox County, IN
4m 4sat 3:03p15 Events0 Parks
Hagerstown, IN
3m 59sat 3:07p3 Events0 Parks
Westfield, IN
3m 18sat 3:06p2 Events0 Parks
Hancock County, IN
3m 57sat 3:06p6 Events1 Park
Mitchell, IN
3m 24sat 3:04p0 Events1 Park
Jennings County, IN
2m 44sat 3:06p1 Event2 Parks
Jasonville, IN
3m 54sat 3:03p0 Events1 Park
Bluffton, IN
2m 33sat 3:08p0 Events1 Park
New Harmony, IN
3m 54sat 2:01p0 Events1 Park
Nashville, IN
3m 57sat 3:05p0 Events2 Parks
Marengo, IN
0m 56sat 3:05p1 Event0 Parks
Posey County, IN
3m 37sat 2:01p4 Events0 Parks
Grant County, IN
2m 28sat 3:08p3 Events0 Parks
Terre Haute, IN
2m 55sat 3:04p6 Events0 Parks
Martinsville, IN
4m 0sat 3:05p1 Event0 Parks
Versailles, IN
1m 59sat 3:07p0 Events1 Park
Cloverdale, IN
3m 42sat 3:04p0 Events2 Parks
Unionville, IN
4m 1sat 3:05p1 Event1 Park
Evansville, IN
3m 2sat 2:02p2 Events0 Parks
Columbus, IN
3m 44sat 3:05p16 Events0 Parks
Spencer, IN
3m 59sat 3:04p0 Events1 Park
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